What is worth fighting for

The story is told of a young boy who arrived home from school with two black eyes.

What is worth fighting for

December 31, Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

What is worth fighting for

This was written last night as I was falling asleep. This weekend turned out to be about two percent of what I expected it to be. Somehow it also ended up being one hundred percent full of things that I would never change if given the opportunity and I do not regret that.

Instead, I try my best to learn from them. That founding tenant for my life I have transferred to all of my close and intimate relationships. I will fully admit that I used to a be a much more selfish person. This came, I think, from my need to be independent and determined as a kid with a disability.

I most certainly always felt as if things needed to be discussed right then and there whenever there was a conflict. From day one, Kristin taught me otherwise. For this relationship, and others, I am so grateful.

Theodore Roosevelt once said: Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life.

I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well. I trust that I have been raised well, have values, and am still developing other values, that assist me toward leading my life in a level-headed, charitable, and successful way, without doing any harm to anyone in my company or near me.

But like I said — I always tell myself not to regret them but to learn from them. Learn and keep fighting. It was actually quite inconvenient, at times awkward, and at times we both wondered how any romantic relationship between us would be sustainable given the differences in our personality, our backgrounds, our upbringings, etc.

I know that some feel as if Kristin and I decided to begin our relationship out of convenience. I had made myself available weekly, just to be shot down and denied the chance to visit because of who I will continue to refer to as human barriers, to be kind: One night while talking on the phone, she told me about how only three people outside of her immediate family and their friends had been able to make it to her to visit.

What better way to be of service to someone I care about than to 1. Having been through rehab and having been, at a point in my pre-teen life, on bed rest for SIX weeks literally, could not move from my bedroom following a surgical procedure I totally understand how frustrating such a stifling environment can become.

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So, I posed to Kristin — get permission from your caregivers to come to this party. For a week, Kristin sought permission to attend. The initial answer was yes, but the answer was then changed to no.

Kristin and I decided that the social interaction was good for her in any event.Your marriage is worth fighting for! Despite the challenges, the trials, the hardships, it is all worth it.

Marriage is a covenant and it is our responsibility to remain faithful to the vows we proclaimed. Find great deals on eBay for worth fighting for. Shop with confidence. What Is Worth Fighting For.

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Three things worth fighting for. Three Things Worth Fighting For. Fighting is not something that I would recommend but there are some. things worth fighting for no matter what the cost. These fights do not have. to be physical battles. Though depending on the problem they can be very.

physical, they could even result I death. A good marriage is worth fighting for. Band together and recognize the real Enemy. This is a spiritual battle. It’s not about him and it’s not about you – it’s so much bigger than both of you.

Fight hard for this one. (Eph). A good marriage is worth loving him for. Keep looking for ways to love him more. Lyrics to 'Love Is Worth Fighting For' by Haley Reinhart. Hold tight / Mama used to say / It's alright / No need to be afraid / Confusion / Is the damnedest.

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