Travelling basketball and various means

Fouls The following fouls can result in a change of possession or the shooting of free throws: Technical Foul or "Tech" - A penalty for a violation of conduct, such as abusive language or fighting. Each technical foul awards a free throw to the opposing team.

Travelling basketball and various means

Does the violation even exist in the basketball rule book any longer? The league will tell you that today, Monday, is a travel day. Every day in the NBA is now a travel day. And if it does, why has the NBA, or its officials, opted to utterly neglect enforcing it?


The four-time MVP began to drive left and again took one, two, three steps before drawing a two-shot foul from Diaw. While referees—and broadcasters—are only too happy to devote a minute or two to debating the difference between a Flagrant 1 and a Flagrant 2, Kawhi Leonard probably just took four steps on a breakaway dunk.

James Naismith cramp their style. The big deal is a two-part answer. First, these are the rules of the game, and a game is only as fair at its rules are respected.

In baseball, you still have to touch first base and every other base whether or not you beat the throw. Games, people and civilizations are all led to ruin the same way: That would be LeBron. One step as he picks up the ball, and then a second step.

The alert defender prepares to contest a shot after that second step. That third step leaves him hopelessly out of position. A player who takes a third step on his way to the goal is playing a different game. If there is any collusion between the league office and its referees to ignore traveling—and I have no evidence there is—they may be doing so in an effort to appeal to a younger audience.

What the league may not realize, or not care about, is that a legion of fans who are less vocal on social media are either turning off the games or no longer watching.

If you are part of this contingent—as I am—and find yourself arguing this point with someone who is probably youngerask him to do the following: The next time he attends an NBA game, watch the pre-game layup drills.

How often does a player take three steps after picking up the ball on his way to the basket? Because he knows that would be traveling.In basketball, traveling is a violation of the rules that occurs when a player holding the ball moves one or both of their feet illegally.

Traveling is also called, predominantly in a streetball game, "walking" or "steps".

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This is what traveling means Traveling is when you take more than 1 step and that is a penalty. Picture yourself with a basketball and you stop. Feb 11,  · Part 1 (of 8) of a video for basketball officials, players, coaches, and fans. Tyson Weems discusses intentions, motivations, and concepts.

What does travelling mean in basketball

For more information: Taking more than two steps without dribbling the basketball. Double dribbling, or when a player stops dribbling and then begins to dribble again, is also considered traveling.

Travelling basketball and various means

The Women's National Basketball Association, the largest professional basketball league for women in the United States. WNIT The Women's National Invitation Tournament, a tournament for NCAA Division I women's teams, with both preseason and postseason versions.

AAU basketball groups are independent clubs and organizations that form teams and participate in various tournaments throughout the year under the AAU umbrella organization.

Important differences exist between AAU teams and school or travel team leagues.

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