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PhD Qualifying Examination Students enrolled on PhD programs are required to pass a qualifying examination within a stipulated period in order to obtain the PhD candidacy. The qualifying examination may be conducted through the oral or written mode, or both.

Thesis hkust

Abstract Electric vehicle EV networks are the infrastructure system of public EV refueling stations and serve as the vital joint nodes between the modern power and transportation systems. On the one hand, EV networks are large energy consumers, who are motivated to control their charging loads strategically to reduce their operational cost.

On the other hand, EV networks are refueling service providers, and hence are required to meet a minimum quality-of-service QoS for EV customers. This thesis develops sequential-decision-making models and algorithms for EV networks to best trade off their operational cost and QoS.

We primarily focus on addressing algorithmic challenges arising from uncertainties in refueling requests of EVs. For the coordinated over-night charging of slow charging stations SCSswe propose to iteratively solve a static non-linear binary program based on model predictive control.

To cope with the computational challenge in solving the large-scale binary programs, we leverage the problem structure to transform them into equivalent linear programs, which are efficiently solvable.

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For the coordinated charging in public SCSs, we propose an online mechanism, in which all EVs submit their truthful bids, the loss of social welfare is bounded by competitive ratio, and the mechanism can be implemented in polynomial time.

For a battery swapping and charging station BSCSwe formulate the charging problems as Markov decision processes MDPs under both stationary and non-stationary environments. The algorithmic challenge is to solve the MDPs in a computationally tractable manner for large-scale systems.

In the stationary case, we discover the order-up-to type structure of the optimal policy and design a subgradient algorithm to search for the thresholds efficiently.

Under the non-stationary environment, we develop a fluid-based approximation for the MDP to facilitate the analysis. Managerial insights are observed for both battery purchasing and charging in BSCSs.1 soft copy of your approved thesis (PDF) to Library [for the HKUST Electronic Theses Database & HKUST Institutional Repository] Submission Procedures: Via the Electronic Thesis Submission to submit your approved thesis (PDF) and print out the confirmation email.

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A thesis should be presented in a permanent and legible form either in original typescript, or a comparably permanent process. Paper and print quality are vitally important for legibility. Choose a project/thesis by registering online.

Note that you are committed to an FYP/FYT once your request is accepted. Note that you are committed to an FYP/FYT once your request is accepted. The earlier you make the commitment between you and the project advisor, the better your chances are of getting your favorable project.

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Thesis hkust

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