The question of whether loius riel was a traitor or a hero

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The question of whether loius riel was a traitor or a hero

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If you find any such errors, please inform us, indicating the document name and error. Please direct all inquiries to webmaster mhs. Death came, but the question continued, and in became the political platform for friend and foe.

The question, on analysis, resolves itself into several questions. If Louis Riel was insane in the period why were there no references to it before the trial - even during the battle of Batoche? Was Louis Riel an insane leader of a just cause? Would sane men follow an insane leader - respect him, confide in him, risk their lives for him?

Was he insane because he claimed to have a mission - though many men have dreams to realize - or missions to perform? Was he insane to declare that the New World should have a Pope of her own, the good Bishop Bourget who knew and sympathized with the problems of the North American people, and so break the ties with Rome?

And could it be that his enemies, declaring him a madman, proved him sane so that there would be no chance of a pardon on grounds of insanity?

A study of the evidence of the time left no doubt that Louis had been in an insane asylum, so my next step was to find out all I could about that confinement; learn his symptoms when unbalanced; and then revalue my material in the light of how Louis acted during his period of mental illness.

Did he have the same symptoms in - or was he cured? I wrote to the asylum at Longue Pointe, the asylum of St. The medical superintendent, Dr.

The question of whether loius riel was a traitor or a hero

Louis Riel was in truth confined in St. Jean-de-Dieu under the name of Louis R. David on the 6th of March He was the th patient to be confined in our institution. The information at the moment of his confinement is nul. Our asylum statistics give the following data: During the night M.

Louis Riel, insane, smashed up his cell, broke his iron cot and used it to break the ventilators and the sashes; it was truly destroyed; three robust and strong men could hardly master the poor lunatic.

During the evening M. Louis Riel, insane, known under the name of M. David, in an access of fury, broke the window of the chapel door, and went down into the dressing rooms of the lunatics.

Deschamps came to get M.

The question of whether loius riel was a traitor or a hero

Louis Riel, mentioned above, confined here since March. Noel adds this final paragraph: You understand that inthe mental institutions were far from being organized as they are today.

For months I carried on a correspondence with the doctor and last spring, when on his way to see his dying mother in Saskatchewan, he called on me and brought his notes, giving me permission to copy what I wished.

His material and letters, added to what I received from Father Picton of St. Boniface, papers in our Provincial Archives and that of St. As you know, Louis left St. Boniface to go to college in Montreal in at the age of fourteen, and did not return until During those ten years many things happened.

It was a period of controversies; religious and language controls; clergy in politics; the spiritual authority of the Pope; threat of annexation by the States; the Fenian scares; Orangemen demonstrations. Politics permeated every walk of life and Louis left college to study law with Rodolphe LaFlammea Rouge politician and the same man under whom Wilfrid Laurier had studied.

· Hero is a pretty strong word though, I consider Louis Riel a great leader, a forceful, yet caring and genuine man, too bad for his hanging. Ruckus View Public  · In the plus years and generations of Canadians since then, Riel's national reputation as a traitor has slowly been replaced by his image as a folk hero, a protector of minority rights and Louis Riel Essay Examples.

Was Louis Riel a hero or a traitor?

21 total results. 5 pages. A Biography of a Politician Louis Riel Who was a Hero. 1, words. 2 pages. An Introduction to the Life of Louis Riel. words. 1 page. A Biography of Louis Riel, a Canadian Politician The Question of Whether Loius Riel Was a Traitor or a Hero. words. 1 page.

An Overview of. In the case of Louis Riel, the question of whether he is a hero or a traitor is left hanging and debatable in every Canadians and still lingers up to the present.

Whatever your viewpoints, Mr. Riel is really a hero to the Metis, as he sacrifices his life for the seek of justice and recognition of the rights of the  · Louis Riel died from being hung on November 16 in Regina at the age of Introduction In class we were talking about Louis Riel and we were debating whether he was a hero or a rebel so i am going to share my opinion of whether i think he is a hero or a  · The third activity integrates critical thinking in asking students to come up with criteria as to whether Louis Riel was a hero or Traitor.

Students will rank the criteria using an online visual ranking tool, then compare Riel to the · Web view.

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