The economic impact of the nba lockout

It was 22 acres, big by New York standards, and within walking distance of four of the most charming, recently gentrified neighborhoods in Brooklyn — Park Slope, Boerum Hill, Clinton Hill, and Fort Greene. A third of the site was above a railway yard, where the commuter trains from Long Island empty into Brooklyn, and that corner also happened to be where the 2, 3, 4, 5, D, N, R, B, Q, A, and C subway lines all magically converge.

The economic impact of the nba lockout

The Basketball Grinch has retreated to his lair atop Mt.

The economic impact of the nba lockout

Cooler heads have finally prevailed, as NBA owners and players reached a new labor agreement over the Thanksgiving weekend, ending a day lockout that claimed the first seven weeks of the regular season.

The labor deal is for 10 years, with both sides having the option to opt-out after six. The association has sent letters to agents asking their players to expedite the return of signed union cards, and the players will reportedly meet in New York on Friday to complete their portion of the labor settlement, including resolving issues around a code of conduct, drug testing, and the NBA D-League.

On Thursday, players were able to start using any NBA team training facilities for voluntary workouts — albeit without coaches and front office personnel present. The shortened season will extend games until April 26, with the NBA Playoffs beginning two days later.

There is also the possibility of back-to-back games during the second round of the Playoffs, and each team will have at least one but no more than three back-to-back-to-back games during the regular season.

Each team will play 48 conference games and 18 non-conference games, and teams will not travel to every NBA arena. Training camps will open on December 9, the day free agents will be permitted to begin signing contracts that day, setting up a chaotic stretch surging toward the season opener that comprises signings, trades, training camp, exhibition games, and the accompanying media frenzy.

But hey — things are always hectic around the holidays. Losing the game would have been devastating for the local economy. The league would have had to return that money or extend contracts should the season have been lost. Try imaging one of those companies shutting down operations for a whole year.

His most lasting accomplishment may be saving this NBA season.

The economic impact of the nba lockout

Arguably the biggest point of contention in negotiations was the division of basketball related income BRI. Portland, Memphis, Oklahoma City, and others rely on their NBA teams as the only major league professional game in town.

Sacramento is looking for a new arena, or else the Kings might move to Anaheim. Sign-and-trades, a mid-level exception and a soft salary cap all are preserved in this new CBA. More opportunities for movement mean more money for players.

If the last couple of CBAs favored the players, this one likely favors the owners. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul are both free agents next season.

Neither seems likely to stay with their current team beyond this year. Without one, Howard and Paul could be gone next season.

Each NBA team will play two exhibition games, one home and one away, against the same opponent.

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During the football lockout, NFL Network did wonders for its credibility and viewership by tackling the issues head on. At one point in October, the network had the second lowest viewership on cable.

These players made some extra money, stayed in game shape, and now head home without major injury and without breaching their brief international contracts.

Smith, went with the understanding that they would have to play there until the regular season ends in March. Despite the return to normalcy in the U. What about the Fans?The layoffs, which represent about 11% of the NBA office, won't be re-filled when the lockout ends.

The league said it lost nearly $ million in and nearly $ million last season. The league also closed its Paris office, which opened in as the NBA's first European headquarters, and its Tokyo office.

At the very moment the commissioner of the NBA is holding up the New Jersey Nets as a case study of basketball’s impoverishment, the former owner of the team is crowing about 10 percent returns and the new owner is boasting of “explosive” profits. The main economic effect here is that jobs and means of support are at stake because of the NBA lockout.

However, in cities other than Los Angeles where the local NBA franchise is the only major. Nov 04,  · Economic impact of the NBA Lockout? There is always that question of the economic impact sport has, and the common answer given by economists is that there is little/no economic impact from sport on a region.

What kind of economic impact would a season long lockout have on the league? Past experience with lockouts and strikes should be a caution to both sides. The NHL lost the entire season due to a lockout, and major league baseball cancelled the last part of the season, including the playoffs and World Series, due to a player strike.

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· "There is no way the NBA lockout will have any significant economic "If professional sports have a positive impact on a region’s economy.

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