Seatbelts it your choice essay

Sample Expository Essay on Seatbelts Many people do not understand the importance of seat belts. More than forty thousand reported deaths are caused from car accidents each year.

Seatbelts it your choice essay

Persuasive Speech on wearing your seat belt Everybody makes choices every day. It could be something basic like what colour of suit should you wear, or something major like should I put on a seat belt. I hold the opinion that all of these choices have an impact on our lives. I hope all of you who are listening to this speech today make the bigger choice of wearing your seatbelts in your day-to-day travelling.

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Sample expository essay on seatbelts Unrestrained not wearing seat belt deaths: First, while my opponent may claim that it proves his case since there are fewer restrained deaths, in reality the difference is deaths, a number that is statistically insignificant.
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The rate of deaths has been on the rise, and this has concerned me. This has initiated my urge to do this research.

Therefore, I have credible material and information on this topic. I believe that everybody who is a driver, any passenger and everybody whose means of transport is a vehicle should and is supposed to put on a seatbelt.

When you are driving or even riding in a vehicle, putting on your seat belt will bring down your chance of death or serious injury, in case of a major accident. I will first avail to you a predicament that has dramatic consequences but could be handled very easily Reenes 4.

Then I will deliberate on a feasible solution to aid in bringing down this predicament. Finally, I will tell you how you can handle the problem on a personal level. Let us first begin by discussing about some of the repercussions of not putting on your seat belt.

Not belting up can consequently lead to death or fatal injuries. Too many unnecessary deaths occur each year for the elementary reason—people just do not put on their seat belts.

According to an article in the Lincoln Journal Star in AugustNebraska highway loss of lives is the most in the last 21 years claiming more than lives.

Inabout five people lost their life for not putting on seat belts.

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People make unjustifiable excuses like; I am a good driver for not wearing seatbelts. This is one of the many excuses N.

Seatbelts it your choice essay

Now that, I have stated the repercussions of not putting on your seat belt, I would like to state the solutions to these issues.

There is only one major solution to the problem; put on your seat belt. This resolution could be achieved via several ways. The next thing is to get the federal government to make motorists put on belts by making laws calling upon it. In conclusion, putting on your seat belt will bring down the jeopardy of bodily injury.

Seat belts are very essential to motorists and passengers of a vehicle. If you get involved in a tragic accident, wearing your seat belt will diminish your possibility of death or critical injury, whether you are a driver or passenger. Next time you ride in a vehicle, be warned that repercussions are you will be in tragic crash at least sometime in your life, seat belts almost triples the possibility of hold on in a tragic crash.Seat Belt Essay Wearing your Seat Belt Everybody makes choices every day.

It could be something basic I hope all of you who are listening to this speech today make the bigger choice of wearing your seatbelts in your day-to-day travelling. The rate of deaths . I repeat, please put on your seatbelts.” Bobby’s amazement was reflected on his features, he actually understood what was being blared through the speakers.

“This is the fastest train in the world; I should take cautions and put on my seatbelt.”. You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Numerous lives could be saved if people would make the choice to wear seat belts. What happens during a traffic accident?

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During the moment of impact, the people inside of the car are still traveling at the cars original speed. The car then suddenly comes to a halt and. This Essay is after watching the video and reading 4 articles plus chapter3 we need to define momentum and inertia and explains the importance of wearing seat belts while riding in an automobile.

Write a persuasive essay stating your opinion on the use of seat belts and whether or not wearing a seat belt should be illegal in all parts of the world. How seatbelts save lives. Car accidents happen every minute of every day.

Seat Belt Should Be Choice, Not Law June 01, When I'm driving and not wearing a seat belt, and you're driving in the opposite direction, I'm not affecting your ability to drive safely.

The other six essay options on the Common Application give applicants so much flexibility that it is rare for a topic not fit elsewhere, but in some cases the "topic of your choice" is indeed the best choice. This is true for Alexis's essay below. Seatbelts can save your life in a crash and can reduce your risk of a serious injury. Seat belts keep drivers and passengers from being ejected through windows or doors. This is important because your chances of being killed are five times greater if you are thrown from the vehicle. Aug 28,  · Seat belts, officials say, limit the number of kids who can squeeze into a bus seat. That might mean some schools would have to buy more buses, or else tell kids to find another way to school.
Sample expository essay on seatbelts