Sch21 communication

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Sch21 communication

See related articles to this posting Hi! These are the "traditional" undocumented opcodes. No more information available, except testhardchan there is a in depth description in c.

Interrupt Disabled or shadow Oreg? Content of EREG 4. Auxiliary processor registers - C for T 5. At present the emulator models the combined behavior of a single T Transputer and the Iserver.

At the moment I have a number of outstanding activities: This will allow the first emulator T to be used as the debugging processor. Thanks for this response and I look forward to more feed back to my original question regarding undocumented instructions. Basically I plan to further the good work started by Julian I have already passed back a number of bug fixes.

I don't know how Julian could distinguish between conditional taltwt and unconditional tin timer waits. What kind of communication do you prefer?

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Maybe this question is not important if you do a "synchronous memcopy" between 2 threads in the same process. There were some talks about this topic in the past.

The source is included below if you have not access to the tools: BYTE brev, bres, bkey: T ELSE -- 2 tx. I hope this is helpful. I'm not sure what the Inmos guys actually didin the silicon.

Sch21 communication

There is no obvious clues in any of the vast amounts of documentation I have. This is only my opinion, but since there is no memory location in the area used by the transputer for storing the various registers during a high pri interrupt of a low pri process, then i'm guessing that the interrupt is disabled if the low pri task has just executed a PFIX or NFIX.

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