Perseus symbol of ethical values essay

The two are closely entwined, as flip sides of the same coin. Ethics concerns right conduct, as logic relates to right reasoning. Where logic deals with the reasoning process pertaining to the truth or falsehood of statements, ethics deals with the rightness or wrongness of actions.

Perseus symbol of ethical values essay

Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.

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The Dominance of Fate Fate was of great concern to the Greeks, and its workings resonate through many of their myths and texts. We see countless characters who go to great lengths in attempts to alter fate, even if they know such an aim to be futile.

The inability of any mortal or immortal to change prescribed outcomes stems from the three Fates: These three divinities pervade all the stories of Greek myth, whether they be stories of gods, goddesses, demigods, heroes, or mortals and regardless of the exploits recounted. Though this lesson is somewhat consoling—the way of the world cannot be bent to match the whims of those in authority—it is also very disturbing.

The prospect of free will seems rather remote, and even acts of great valor and bravery seem completely useless. The myths provide an interesting counterpoint to this uselessness, however.

In virtually all the stories in which a character does everything in his power to block a negative fate, and yet falls prey to it, we see that his efforts to subvert fate typically provide exactly the circumstances required for the prescribed fate to arise.

A perfect example is the king of Thebes, who has learned that his son, Oedipus, will one day kill him. This lack of recognition enables a dispute in which Oedipus slays his father without thinking twice.

This mysterious, inexplicable twinning between will and fate is visible in many the stories and philosophical treatises of the Greeks.

The royal house of Atreus is most marked in this regard: Last but not least, Orestes, the son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, comes back to kill his mother and Aegisthus. Only two members remain in the House of Atreus: Orestes and his sister Electra.

Everyone else has been foully murdered in this bloody chain of events. Though these characters have brought terrible violence upon those to whom they owed bonds of love and loyalty, they are still not wholly condemnable.

Orestes knows that he will incur the wrath of the Furies and the gods in committing matricide. Even this is not the beginning of the chain: Agamemnon felt he had no choice but to sacrifice Iphigenia, since his only other option was to break the oath he made to Menelaus years before.

In this slippery world of confusing and conflicting ethics, the only certainty is that bloodshed merely begets more bloodshed. The Danger of Arrogance and Hubris In many myths, mortals who display arrogance and hubris end up learning, in quite brutal ways, the folly of this overexertion of ego.

The Greek concept of hubris refers to the overweening pride of humans who hold themselves up as equals to the gods. Hubris is one of the worst traits one can exhibit in the world of ancient Greece and invariably brings the worst kind of destruction.Download thesis statement on Perseus: Symbol of Ethical Values.

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Perseus symbol of ethical values essay

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Just as Medusa and Athena are two sides of a Status: Resolved. Personal Ethical Communication Statement Perseus: Symbol of Ethical Values. RECENT POSTS. Ethical argument essay topics; Ethics essay assignment; Ethics essay abortion; Analysis of ethical dilemna; Analyze The Differences Between Ethical Concepts Principles; Analyzing Ethical Behavior Paper; Do you want to save time?

Order an . Perseus: Symbol of Ethical Values When I think of what a hero represents to me, I think of an individual who fights for family values and the ethics of a good human being.

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