Peer pressure research paper outline

These needs are seen as universal necessities that are innate, not learned instinctiveand seen in humanity across time, gender and culture.

Peer pressure research paper outline

Hello rkiddr JonSatriani susanmvickers humphreyj we need to talk about you regular author Prashant Sharma. Who is your RoySocChem ethics person?

Sharma et al are most likely in big trouble now. Every paper in this tradition promises ground-breaking applications, but none of the new technology is ever developed further, for the authors have moved on to some other crop… how many times can ground be broken before it is reduced to nanoparticles?

It is all reminescent of the Golden Age of Alchemy, and the Great Work of extracting diamonds from dungheaps, the jewel of great price is hidden in discarded trash.

Though alchemy is all dressed up in arcane symbolism, with Green Lions devouring Peacocks while the King and Queen are interred together in the grave to be reborn as hermaphrodite.

Few today have the patience to follow the whole process of deliquescence and putrefaction and sublimation and purification. The best correction ever Anyway, Roy et al.

The extravagant claims and arcane symbolism epitomise the genre: The MPS is highly stable under normal physiological environments and other extreme end conditions like presence of serum or Triton-X and have excellent stimuli-responsive temperature and NIR T1-contrast effect in vitro conditions Unusually, though, Roy et al.

This discrepancy does not affect the results and the Peer pressure research paper outline within the manuscript nor the conclusions that were drawn. The authors apologize for any confusion that may have occurred due to this error.

To a sufficiently jaundiced eye, they look like lazy Photoshop cloning. The Editor and peer reviewers of ACS Biomaterials could see nothing wrong with the evidently repeated images purporting as nanoparticles within Figure 2B and Figure 2Cwhich do look like they have not even been rotated in an attempt to conceal their identical nature.

They could not see anything wrong with the Drug Release Profiles of Figure 4. Five independent experiments provided identical results apart from a scaling constant in panel 4A, while Panels 4B, 4C, 4D plot 26 identical copies of another set of results, rescaled and vertically offset, and presented as another 26 separate measurements.

Like Figure 2, they depict the outcome of transmission electron microscopy TEMin which the absorption of an electron beam by the target creates a silhouette. Here the targets are different nanoparticles, strewn randomly on an electron-transparent membrane when their solution evaporated.

The background is not expected to be featureless, for inevitable cruft and contaminants in the solution show up as detritis.

It is unusual, though, to see the same background detritis in 1A, 1C and 1D left. The sea-urchin-like AuNFs of Figure 1D are smaller, so it is less glaringly obvious that they all display an identical arrangement of spines.

They still possess a limited range of sizes and orientations. In the new panel 1B, the perfect geometrical triangles are sparser.

Peer pressure research paper outline

Notably, apart from the disappearance of background contaminants, 1A is an exact replication of the original random pattern of circular silhouettes. Immediate expression of concern is due. When an obviously fabricated fig is "corrected" by a slightly better photo-shopped one, the integrity of the ed process is put into question.

Here is Figure 3 from Karfa et al an overlapping team of researchers with the same two last authors: CdS and B WSe2: Readers of Journal of Materials Chemistry A were happy to accept that two precipitations of two sizes of spherical nanospheres accidentally arranged them in the same distribution of nanospheres.

The same distribution, in fact, as in both versions of 1A from Roy et al. The two insets are identical. Blue circles mark background contaminants, the same in both panels.

At the time of writing there were 24 threads at PubPeer criticising recent papers by this team. More may emerge, for main author Prashant K.

An approach to the development of general capabilities for molecular manipulation

Sharma has entries in Scopus, but the pattern-matchers and data-integrity perfectionists who contribute to PubPeer are easily distracted and have moved on to other shiny objects. Many of the critiques but not all! I have picked out a few examples, not intending to exhaust the PubPeer archives, but rather to encourage readers to browse for themselves.

A seventh version featured in another paper. But the creativity of the Sharma team is not limited to the medium of TEM images: In an admirable concern for economy and recycling, results are faithfully reproduced between papers. Also within papers, and even within adjacent panels of the same Figure, or in the same panel.

Reassuringly the authors do have other XPS spectra, repurposed for multiple materials. These charming little sea-horses ostensibly show magnetic hysteresis loops measured for quite different nanomaterials.🔥Citing and more!

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Peer pressure research paper outline

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