Netflix positioning map

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Netflix positioning map

Executive Summary This marketing plan aims to provide a concise, yet complete, overview of Netflix, as a video-on-demand service, assess the attractiveness of the Australian market, and provide strategic measures for entry.

The scope of this plan begins firstly with evaluation of the Australian market, secondly, segment and select target markets, thirdly, indicate marketing mix strategies, and lastly, provide a robust and desirable exchange of value between Netflix and the consumers.

Based on rigorous measures, the market was divided to two major targets: Target markets will receive different marketing messages yet with the same marketing tools.

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Below is the proposal budget to enter the market. It humble beginnings in consisted of mailing DVDs to subscribers for a small fee. Inmarket penetration was the highest it ever been, 10 million subscribers in USA alone.

Netflix positioning map

It was the first to introduce on-site, DVD rental booths in supermarkets, shopping malls and hotels. Today, 44 million subscribe to the service that operates in more than 40 countries. Market leadership and innovation are, without a doubt, two of Netflix's core competencies.

The decision to introduce Netflix to the Australian market was in fact, triggered reactively; the Australian consumers has already been demanding and subscribing to Netflix using a VPN service Harvey, Then, evaluate the Australian market and assess its attractiveness and readiness for entry.

And lastly, suggest marketing strategies and implementation and control measures for a successful entry. To simplify, we decided to assume two market segments: This research focus only Melbourne market and two main target markets for simplicity.

Secondary data was utilized for simplicity. Limitations in using two methods to assessment: We did not take into account Australian ISP data limitation.

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The reason behind such delay is that Foxtel hold a market monopoly for releasing new content in Australia. Even an untrained eye can identify the harms of a monopoly in an economy; it eliminates competition, reduces customer service, increases prices, lowers quality, resulting in outdated content, causing consumers to look otherwhere for up-to-date, cheap, high quality content.

ISPs in return criticised the proposal, as ineffective. Smart Internet users will find way to deceive such rules. Although technically it is not against the law, the Australian government is already taking steps and promoting their anti-piracy agenda, which proposes a window of opportunity to bring Netflix as a key player in the market.

Firstly, it would reduce the number of pirated content; as Netflix is legal and comprehensive. Secondly, offers significantly lower prices while providing more content than the other Australian internet TV service provider.

Figure 1 — Most popular paid online streaming services in Australia Pinatoan, 2. It usually does not have an official slogan but it did recently use catch phrases to promote certain campaigns.summary • netflix is the largest dvd mailing service that offers at home movie service.

founded by reed hastings and software executive marc randolph. • netflix primarily launches dvd rentals. by , netflix was the first to launch first dvd rental and streaming website, • netflix offered an unlimited amount of dvd’s for the low price of $ • netflix introduces a 98%().

"Netflix Positioning Map" Essays and Research Papers Netflix Positioning Map Case Study: SWOT Analysis of Netflix By: Ashley Avallone Executive Summary Netflix started as an online based movie rental service in when it was created by founder Reed Hastings, the current CEO of the company.

Netflix positioning map

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Do you see anything awesome geospatial company or start-up missing? Netflix has a stronghold over the hearts and eyes of many customers (and future customers) across generations. Here's what marketers can learn from this content behemoth.

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