Multifocal learning essay

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Multifocal learning essay

Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities of the Corpus Callosum: A Pictorial Essay

It is no news to anyone—not all learners are the same. Each student in a classroom has a unique and complex system of thinking and learning. So why would we think that we should teach them all alike? Effective teachers want to know better ways to reach their students because they have come to realize that cookie-cutter education usually spells disaster for many learners.

Multifocal learning essay

Is there a more effective plan of action so that students want to learn? Solutions might best be found by combining the best teaching models we know instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Successful brain-based models, such as cooperative learning, memory, and direct instruction are three such models that when implemented in combination can produce success that is greater than the sum of its parts. Current brain research indicates that cooperative grouping promotes a positive effect in most students, providing much needed enrichment to their overall education.

Students who participate in cooperative groups typically experience higher levels of motivation and lower levels of anxiety when they are well managed by their instructors.

Cooperation increases positive feelings toward one another, reducing alienation and loneliness, building relationships, and providing affirmative views of other people Joyce, B.

In addition, when several differentiated strategies are combined to attack multi-faceted educational problems Joyce, Weil, and Calhoun p. Combining teaching models Teaching models such as cooperative learning, the memory model, and the direct instruction model are brain-based approaches that work together in various ways to facilitate learning.

By pairing the cooperative learning model with the memory model, students can experience great educational gains. The memory model is highly effective for students because it helps lay down new neural networks efficiently. According to recent brain studies, students who exhibit learning problems struggle with transferring information from short-term memory to long-term memory.

In other words, their working memory -— the small holding tank for new knowledge -— fails to retain new information long enough to practice it and store it as permanent knowledge. Students who systematically rehearse new knowledge, as they would in the memory model, have a greater chance of retaining new neural networks — pathways of learning in the brain.

All learners, including those with disabilities, can benefit from the memory model of instruction. Of course, in order for students to retain information, they must first attend to it.

If the brain does not attend to new information, the input will not be stored in short-term memory. This is the interface for cooperative learning and the memory model.

Teachers who value the cognitive-social-emotional brains of their students can present new content with positive emotional punctuation. Emotional punctuation, as Eric Jensen describes it, helps make the material relevant to students, enabling them to mentally mark new ideas and recall them later personal communication, June 15, Then, when teachers encourage students to manipulate the new knowledge, analyze it and synthesize it in cooperative groups, they reinforce their new learning dramatically.RESOURCES | ARTICLES “Multi-Modal” Learning by David Lazear.

What does multi-modal learning mean? In a nutshell it means that the more different ways you learn something the more you will really learn it!

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Approaches for Implanting Multifocal IOLs Learn How to Incorporate Multifocal IOLs into Your Practice. Incorporating multifocal lenses into your practice means much more than learning a new implantation process — it can also mean making changes to your office’s culture and patient education efforts.

Multifocal learning essay

Results from a new study may lead to approval of what could be the first drug that ameliorates potentially deadly reactions in children with severe peanut allergies. Definition of multifocal from the Collins English Dictionary. Study guides for every stage of your learning journey.

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