Metamorphosis franz kafka essays

The distinct manifestation on how one perceives the people around him, for instance his family and the way they perceive him and his value specifically in relation to their personal existence, would actually redefine the way he sees himself and develops accordingly.

Metamorphosis franz kafka essays

Gregor has changed physical form, but Kafka clearly indicates that his essential being has not changed in any fundamental way. Gregor still has human feelings and needs, he still wishes to relate with his family and other members of society, and he still wishes to be responsible.

Like many people, he detests his job, but he recognizes that his work is necessary because it supports his family. However, this devotion demonstrates just how thoughtful and compassionate Gregor is. In a brief time, however, it will be shown both in the Metamorphosis and in this character analysis of Gregor that his family members are not nearly as kind and considerate; in fact, they completely lose their capacity for justice and mercy.

Yet he comes to accept, as he must, the irreversibility of his new condition. Though unwanted, there is nothing that Gregor can do to change his situation. The only action that he can, and does take, is to adjust his attitude about this unbelievable change.

His family members, however, are apparently incapable of making the same kind of psychological adaptation. While they initially try to accept him, his external characteristics preclude their fair treatment of him.

They react irrationally, exercising neither justice nor mercy in their response to his condition. They come to a point at which they can no longer connect the new Gregor with the person he once was, and though only his physical characteristics have changed, they view him with disgust and without compassion.

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While Gregor is the family member who has become literally dehumanized, the psychological and symbolic dehumanization of his mother, father, and Grete are more profound and severe. His parents and sister, the people who should accept him unconditionally and protect him according to the traditional code of family relationships, are those who abuse him the most.

His father wounds him deeply with a newspaper and a walking stick. Poor Gregor remains undeterred. Though wounded, he repeatedly attempts to connect with his family, and he remains capable of being moved by beauty and human expression.

He is erroneous to think that he can connect with Grete by expressing his appreciation for her music, and the stage is set for his complete dismissal and condemnation by his family.

Metamorphosis franz kafka essays

He is essentially given a death sentence. One of the most important of these is the collapse of justice and mercy, even among those people who are expected to be most fair and compassionate.


Their inability to adapt to the changes that have occurred signal a total breakdown in the family structure, and offer a cautionary tale about the fragility of notions of justice and mercy.The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Essay Words | 5 Pages.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka I have chosen The Metamorphosis as my subject for this paper; I will take a close look at how the death of Gregor Samsa opens the doors to understanding the story.

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This wonderfully weird classic of an average family with an unacceptable member is studied in universities across the globe.

In The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka succeeds in combining comedy and tragedy to express the pain and anguish he felt was inflicted upon him by family and society.

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Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Essay The condition by which one develops towards maturity is specifically affected by the fact that there are individuals and situations around a person that particularly affects his being and the way he develops personally.

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This novella overwhelms the reader with the first sentence: This is the story of the poor guy who woke up one morning as an insects, that was a terrible transformation:
The Metamorphosis Critical Essays - Chapter VI Conclusion Since the late s, Steven Berkoff made it a mission to spread his dramatic vision, and, in the process gained a devoted audience.
Browse By Author: K - Project Gutenberg Through the metamorphosis Gregor becomes more aware of what he wants and what he needs instead of what he needs to do for other.
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