Ibm analytics case studies

Identify how predictive analytics was used to solve the business problem.

Ibm analytics case studies

The team has also identified the observations related to Credit Limits and card performance. The issues were low card penetration and Portfolio maturity. IQR has designed the cross selling program for the matured card holder accounts which are 12 months older.

We used the approach to target the right audiences with an attractive promotional offers and communications. The 2-month cross selling campaign achieved an overwhelming response from non-cardholder members with a rate above 10 percent.


Ultimately, the campaign led to percent year-over-year increase in portfolio size. Why Convenience Checks Remain Relevant Every card issuer is using the convenience checks to increase the usage of the cards issued.

The convenience checks have their own risks and disadvantages. Again to issue the convenience check to the targeted customers during the holiday season or vacation season, will be beneficial for the issuers.

IQR help the CU to identify the targeted customers using the 12 month performance data. Using the segmentation approach IQR identifies the offers for the targeted customers.

As a result of the campaign the response rate was 4. Deere Employees Credit Union DCCU was no different in their desire to target their clients with an offer that would motivate their members use their DCCU card more often than any other means of payment during the festive season.

IQR Consulting helped them achieve their goal by building a holiday marketing campaign using a multi-segmentation approach that helped target the right member with the right offer and resulted in increasing card utilization for the season.

Member Loyalty Hinges on a Great First Impression Studies have shown that initial perceptions are difficult to change. For financial institutions, this illustrates an important aspect of member loyalty — members who are happy early on are more likely to remain so for the long term.

IQR helped a financial institution build a well-crafted onboarding strategy that not only increased the chances of securing loyalty; but also reduced costs of serving long-term members and improved the success rates of cross-selling efforts. Getting that Big Marketing Spend to Work Today, financial institutions are taking advantage of new technological and analytical tools to improve the return on their marketing investment, upping campaign response rates and saving money while generating more revenue.

By mailing to the target audience, this financial institution expects to add 2, new profitable and asset-enhancing checking accounts.CASE STUDY: CELLULAR SOUTH TAPS IBM COGNOS TM1, REVELWOOD FOR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT November 25, Comments Posted in Articles, Case Studies, Financial Cellular South is the largest privately held wireless provider in the United States.

Case Study: Corona Direct. Tweet. Read Full Story.

Ibm analytics case studies

As a result of using IBM SPSS predictive analytics software solutions, the company’s acquisition campaigns are now profitable. First-year revenues cover campaign costs, enabling Corona Direct to sustain its growth strategy.

Our focus is on ensuring client success with their business intelligence and reporting applications. Explore these advanced / predictive analytics case studies to .

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Case Study. Santos Ltd. Obtains real bottom-line value by using predictive IBM Analytics solutions. Read more >> Case Study: Honda R&D. Designing better, safer, more personalized automobiles with big data analytics.

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Ibm Case. Professor Amrouche October 29, IBM Case Study Description: International Business Machines or IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. Jan 20,  · Emily Plachy, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Author of Analytics Across the Enterprise: How IBM Realizes Value from Big Data and Analytics.

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