Hazrat muhammad pbuh as a teacher

The Teacher The Prophet pbuh was exceptional as a teacher and a pedagogue. All of the members of this ummah, from the unmatched individuals of the Era of Bliss to the individuals of this era, have all been witnesses of his teaching and pedagogy. Yes, it is Allah who does it; He did it through Hazrat Muhammad pbuhwho was like a jeweler.

Hazrat muhammad pbuh as a teacher

If thou didst not, thou wouldst not have fulfilled and proclaimed His mission. And Allah will defend thee from men who mean mischief. For Allah guideth not those who reject Faith.

The lexicographical meaning of Hazrat muhammad pbuh as a teacher is to deliver, inform, and spread. As a term, it points to the Prophet's delivering the message to humans exactly as he received it from Allah. This is one of the inalienable qualities of prophets. If the thing to be delivered is information, a message, or news, then teaching is an issue, as well.

In fact, some dictionaries define "tabligh" as teaching. This shows the relation between "tabligh" and teaching. A message will be considered to have been delivered if it is correctly understood and comprehended by the person receiving it. Thus, the person to whom the message is delivered should understand the meaning of the message exactly the same way the source person does.

If the meaning of the message is not understood in exactly the same way by both the person who receives it and the source person, then the message is not delivered.

In short, there should be correct communication between these two people. In this context, it is possible to see "tabligh" as a form of communication and a task of education and training.

In Quran, Allah states that prophets are obliged to deliver His messages and describes prophets as an "instructor and trainer: These verses all prove that the Prophet was a teacher assigned the duty of delivering the message of God.

Indeed, the Prophet himself emphasized that his primary duty as a Prophet was to teach by saying, "I have been sent only as a teacher to you.

Therefore do thou give admonition, for thou art one to admonish. In this sense, the duty of the Prophet was to reach and communicate with people and carry out educational activities.

Hazrat muhammad pbuh as a teacher

The Prophet conveyed the message of Islam which aims at universal "reform" for humanity. The task was difficult, but the Prophet never thought of using compulsion. While delivering the message of Allah, he behaved as described in the Quran.

He perceived "tabligh" as a task for teaching and training and he tried to realize the social reform he aimed at by educating people. He started educating people close to him immediately after he was charged with delivering the message and then the circle of people widened day by day. He worked to teach the fundamentals of religion to people individually or as a group in his house or other houses, even in markets.

In spite of torture and opposition in the Mecca period, he continued to teach productively. He never gave up on educating people. After emigration to Medina his educational activities increased, accelerated, and became widespread. In Medina, the Prophet first had the masjid built. One of the most significant reasons for building a masjid open to the public was to be able to lead the educational activities more effectively.

In this masjid there was a room suffah reserved only for education. Moreover, the Prophet had other masjids, first schools or preparatory schools built in Medina. Thus, the number of educational institutions increased very quickly.

He was showing them how to put the things he was teaching into practice in their lives. In other words, he was supporting and complementing his teaching with his personal life.

Therefore, Allah introduces him to us as an exemplary guide: Certainly the Prophet was not alone in carrying out the educational activities which would encompass all humanity alone. Just as it was not possible for him to reach everyone and everywhere, it was not possible for him to reach everyone in exactly the same way.Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) The Teacher of Teachers.

K likes. The Leader of Mankind, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the loving teacher and tutor whose teachings and sayings still guide, inspire and instruct the whole humanity.

prophet muhammad (pbuh) as a role model for religious teachers Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the example par excellence for his ummah, especially for religious . Home > Reading Islam > Prophet Muhammad: The World’s Best Teacher Prophet Muhammad: The World’s Best Teacher Some of the most influential people in our lives are teachers.

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