Grameen bank weakness

Childhood Yousafzai with her father Ziauddin in Yousafzai was born on 12 July in the Swat District of Pakistan's northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, into a lower-middle-class family. At her house in Mingorashe lived with her two younger brothers, Khushal and Atal, her parents, Ziauddin and Toor Pekai, and two pet chickens.

Grameen bank weakness

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However, the social and cultural impacts of the Grameen model have faced some noteworthy criticism, and its financial structuring has been subject to heightened intrusion by the Bangladeshi government. Two key weaknesses that threaten the very mission of the Grameen bank are: Separate to the criticisms concerning the Grameen model, there is another area of Grameen operations which has sparked considerable international concern and commentary.

Grameen has one particularly powerful threat: It would seem the government is attempting to take control via forcing Yunus to resign and trying to exert power over the Board of Directors. These actions may be seen as illegitimate, politically-motivated or vindictive and may likely alienate the thousands of employees and possibly lead to an increase on loan defaults.

This threat should not be taken lightly — as Bangladesh has a long history of banks and cooperatives being used as political instruments.


The Grameen bank has been so immensely successful over the last 30 years, moving from strength to strength and continues to be emulated around the world. With such momentum and the backing of the international community Grameen Bank will surely continue to prosper.Flow-able fill should cost you between $$ per yard, including labor and equipment.

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Grameen Bank - Bank For The Poor | What are Sinkholes and What Causes them? Any type of weakness in the earth can cause a sinkhole.
Guy Kawasaki - Interview of Mohammad Yunus of Grameen Bank Some are doubting microfinance really have that impact on poverty as the practioners would submit. Other describes microcrediting as a privatization of public safetynet programs.

There´s not much research done on the actual effectiveness of microfinance as a tool for economic growth. Some argue that there´s to much focus on microfinance which will motivating less spending in other helping assistances as public health, welfare, and education.

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2(3) issn: – an analysis challenges faced by zimbabwean micro finance institutions in providing financial services to the poor and. The Role of SHG in Women Empowerment- A Critical Review DOI: / 34 | Page. Grameen Bank (Bengali: গ্রামীণ বাংক) is a microfinance organisation and community development bank founded in Bangladesh.

It makes small loans (known as microcredit or "grameencredit") [7] to the impoverished without requiring collateral. Grameen Bank suffers from various weaknesses.

Grameen bank weakness

1. Peer-Pressure: Because of the group-lending strategy which demands that all the members of the group should repay the loan or else none of them will be given the loan the next time, has created a lot of domestic pressure amongst the destitute families.

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