Government funded projects essay

To be sure, the United States still has a higher poverty rate than many other advanced countries, and many Americans reach adulthood without the tools they need to succeed in the workforce. Various programs and policies, especially in areas such as job training and education, could be reformed and strengthened. But the claim that advocates of shrinking government sometimes make that public efforts to reduce poverty and hardship have failed is belied by the evidence.

Government funded projects essay

Read through the essay and then answer the questions below. Some people think that the government should fund music, dance and arts lessons for children. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Student Essay It is argued in the statement that government should contribute in music, dance and arts learning of the children whereas many others think that it is the responsibility of parents or local organisations to support these programs.

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In my opinion, the above mentioned subjects should be aided by the concerning and governing bodies of a state. On the one hand, it is often thought by many people that government of a state should contribute in learning of arts and cultural subjects such as music and dance for the children.

For example, in some secondary schools, government provides material required in the construction of different art projects or instruments like guitar and keyboard to learn music.

This example clearly shows that by providing support to the young students, government could easily promote cultural and traditional values all around the world. Hence, governments are responsible for the growth of arts and music.

Government funded projects essay

For instance, students of a single class may not be equally interested in learning music or dance, so funding by the government could be wasted in this manner. Therefore, it is important that parents of interested kids should groom their children by sending them to the private institutions where they can enjoy their preferences.

In this way, funds by the government can be utilized well on some other things. To conclude, I believe that government should provide all the facilities of learning arts and music, as this is the cultural heritage which should be preserved internationally.

Questions Does the student give a clear opinion? What is their opinion? Answer The answer is given quite well. The student believes the government should pay for the lessons.

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Is the information in the introduction relevant? Answer Yes, the information given is mostly relevant. There is no unnecessary information given. There is a background statement and a thesis statement. However, the introduction could be improved by using more precise vocabulary.

What reasons are given in the essay for the government to fund lessons in school? Can you think of other reasons? Answer The ideas are not completely clear but they are that the government can pay for equipment and can help in the growth of the arts.

Another benefit of state funded lessons is that they can help promote these subjects on a wider scale.

What reasons are given in the essay for lessons to be privately funded? Can you think of more? Answer The reasons are that students are not all equally interested in art or music and another reason is that students can enjoy their preferences in private lessons.

These are good reasons but in this paragraph there is also disadvantages of government funding — that is not needed in this paragraph.

Government funded projects essay

This paragraph should be about private funding only. Other reasons why privately funded lessons are better — 1. Children are children — the word will be repeated. What band score would you give this essay? Answer The essay structure is excellent.

The ideas are mostly relevant. It would probably get about 6. It could get band score 7 if the vocabulary was more accurate and the student wrote about funding rather than helping. What advice would you give this student to improve? Decide which words can and cannot be paraphrase accurately.The procurement office and the heads of the various departments may recommend potential vendors but the selection of those invited will be left to the discretion of the procurement committee.

Essay Government Funding of Stem Cell Research Words | 4 Pages that the major political controversy is the role of the federal government in funding human embryo research.

A discussion of the Javits Act covering purpose, eligibility, types of projects funded, and source of further information is also provided.

Individual project descriptions comprise most of the document and contain sections providing (1) general information, (2) program description, (3) program implementation, and (4) program evaluation.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization that is not part of a government and was not founded by states. NGOs . Mar 24,  · CDC public health news, press releases, government public health news, medical and disease news, story ideas, photos. Take a look at the latest and archived public health news releases published by the CDC.

partnerships to modernize government housing projects, obtain defense equipment, and expand schools, prisons and hospitals. In the United States, federal, state and local governments contract with private organizations.

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