English 225 introduction to film ashford 6 week 5 c discussion 1

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English 225 introduction to film ashford 6 week 5 c discussion 1

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Contextual Information — In this area, you will provide some of the basic identifying information of the film. Be sure to describe their roles in the overall design process. Year of release Type of film blockbuster, indie, documentary, etc. This area can be addressed as a separate paragraph, or can be threaded throughout your analysis of the film.

Aesthetic Choices — In this area, you will assess the efficacy of specific techniques and design elements employed in the film as they apply to the overarching narrative and theme of the film. What impact did this film have on society i. The impact can be as major as inspiring political or social changes or as minor as inspiring the production of toys or lunchboxes.

How did society affect this film i. If you are unable to find any information about the social impact of the film, explain the personal impact it has had on you.

English 225 introduction to film ashford 6 week 5 c discussion 1

Not every bullet point under the four listed components will necessarily apply to your movie. This is the culmination of the work you have been doing in this class-- your chance to focus all the techniques and elements we've been studying on the thorough analysis of one feature-length film.

Additionally, you'll be asked to reflect on your own development-- what you've learned and how you've learned it-- while looking ahead to see how the skills you've mastered here will apply to your continuing studies and possible career fields. Make sure to read through the guidelines carefully, noting all the different required elements, and take a look ahead at the rubric so you know exactly how your work will be assessed.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind as you work on your paper. Stage 1 of the paper asks you to choose a film to analyze from AFI's 10 Top 10 list.

Stick to those lists and pick a film you are familiar with or have easy access to, as you will probably need to watch it several times to hone your points. Remember the lessons you've learned throughout this course. For example, you'll be called upon to explain the difference between story and plot in the particular film you've chosen.

You'll also look at specific aesthetic choices. While we've discussed those throughout the class, you'll have to explain them and apply them to the film you've chosen. Don't forget to get specific. Whether you're talking about lighting, or editing, or any other cinematic techniques, be sure to drill down and reference specific scenes or shots to help make your point.

Here are a few more tips to remember. Stage 1 asks you to consider the social or personal impact of a specific film. The guidelines scaffold some different ways to think about this, but be sure to think broadly. This is an important part of the paper, one where outside resources might be especially helpful.

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Stage 2 is all about reflection. And this is different from talking about the personal impact of the specific film you've chosen for this paper. The guidelines provide some questions for you to think about, so be sure to provide specific examples as you formulate your response.

This grounds the reflection with a practical understanding. See the sample paper we've uploaded in the assignment prompt. This is a model of good student work-- what your professors are looking for and the type of comments we will make. Also, keep in mind that the titles of films should be italicized.

Click into the Ashford Library English study guide. It's a portal dedicated to the kinds of articles, essays, and books that will be most helpful resources as you work on your written assignment. Try to budget your time so that you can take advantage of the various resources offered by the Ashford Writing Center to ensure that your paper is written and polished.

Remember, the week 5 written assignment is a chance to really apply your understanding of the concepts and skills we've been working so hard to master over the last few weeks. Give yourself an opportunity to succeed by preparing yourself thoroughly and working diligently to complete the paper.

Use this time to prepare for the completion of your project. Review the feedback from your Week Two and Week Three assignments and integrate the suggested changes. Be sure to reach out to your instructor if you have questions. Week 5 - Final Film Critique Final Film Critique If this video is not loading properly, you can access the video by clicking here Links to an external site.

Links to an external site. Please click here to view the Week Five Assignment Video transcript.Cja Entire Class Week 1 – 5 All Assignments and Discussion Questions Cmgt (Information Systems Security Management) Entire Course Cmgt/ Version 13 (Project Planning & Implementation) Entire Class.

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