Dog breeds

Cats are a good option!! Some have a lot of health problems.

Dog breeds

Examples of breed in a Sentence Verb He got into the business of breeding cattle. The plants are bred to resist disease and drought. She believes that we are breeding a generation of children who know nothing about the history of their country. Noun The collie is a working breed.

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Verb Humans have been tinkering with other species since at least the dawn of civilization, from domesticating dogs to breeding more productive crops. Their work just won a Nobel Prize. Smith, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "An unexpectedly quiet spring for the usually predictable rough grouse is cause for concern," 16 June Aboutdogs are kept in the facilities strictly for breeding purposes.

Noun So why not breed or enhance corals to resist climate change? Summer has begun," 21 June Their store on Aloma Avenue carries hundreds of varieties of premium dog food tailored for certain breeds and ages.

It attacked their 4-year-old girl's face just days later Charlotte Observer," 3 May These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'breed.The Bernese mountain dog is known for its confidence and its calm demeanor, after helping farmers with various tasks many years ago.

Its loyalty and need for companionship make it a great breed for families. Of course, as any dog lover will tell you, every dog is an individual; so, while rule-of-thumb descriptions of specific breeds can serve as a useful guideline, being able to observe and interact with a specific pet before making a final decision will help you pinpoint the perfect dog with a .

AKC dog breeds, with dog breed pictures, in-depth profiles and information.

Dog breeds

List of over + dog breeds from A-Z. With hundreds of dog breeds to choose from and thousands of dogs and puppies for sale, please search our site's Puppy & Dog Classifieds and Dog Breeder sections to find the dog or puppy .

Breeds American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Brave and loyal to its family, tenacious, tough on itself, will make a good watchdog, is boisterous with tremendous stamina. 15 Dumbest Dog Breeds We all love our household companions and there is nothing like their smiling face to greet us when we get home.

When it comes to a dog, there is nothing like a smart dog that is well-behaved and trained, but sometimes a goofy and not so smart dog can really be the cure for anything life hands you.

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