Case study akamai for nba

E-commerce Business Models and Concepts Chapter 3: Building an E-commerce Presence: Online Security and Payment Systems Chapter 6:

Case study akamai for nba

The 5 Myths of Cloud-Based Encoding Bitmovin will discuss this challenge, its hybrid cloud workflow and common myths regarding cloud-based encoding solutions.

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Attend this session for your chance to win: Successfully stream high-quality near-live content over the Internet can quickly become a near impossible task. Bad network conditions, latency and distance are known to dramatically impair video streaming. Various products and services have been introduced, such as forward error correction over UDP, peer-to-peer distribution and CDNs.

However, none provide the same universal quality and "zero-delay" transmission needed for a great experience. Aspera FASPStream is the first open video transport solution capable of live streaming high-quality video globally over commodity Internet networks with low buffering and negligible start-up time.

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This session will outline how to integrate the Aspera fasp. A - How To: Fine-Tuning Your Adaptive Encoding Groups With Objective Quality Metrics Choosing the number of streams in an adaptive group and configuring them is usually a subjective, touchy-feely exercise, with no way to really gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of the streams.

This presentation identifies several key objective quality metrics, teaches how to apply them, and provides an objective framework for analyzing which streams are absolutely required in your adaptive group and their optimal configuration.

Making It More Personal Virtual reality innovation has been focused on delivering immersive video experiences, and sports will likely become a popular use case for VR. However, the real game changer will be in giving users even more control over the viewing experience.

This session will explore the directions for VR technology, and how content owners and service providers can develop interactive, more personalized VR experiences.

It will discuss how VR services could take the form of an interactive timeline, whereby users can pick specific events within a game and interact with them at their leisure.

Maximize Your Investment 1: Should you buy or build the video player of your video service?

Case study akamai for nba

It's a key question every video service should answer when planning for a future full of video content, interaction and consumer engagement. As the video player is a critical part of the viewer experience, it is often seen as a key asset of the video service, resulting in a decision to build it in-house.

But what is the true cost of building an in-house video player solution? During this session Pieter-Jan Speelmans will explore pros and cons of both options and will discuss with you how you can maximize your strategic investment.

Today very little Premium Video traffic is viewed primarily using IP delivery technologies. What sort of ROI can publishers achieve with an effective social streaming strategy? What sorts of production workflows work best?

Today's Stock Market News and Analysis - If you have trouble playing it on a Mozilla browser Firefoxswitch to Internet Explorer. Also, if you let it play through once, the second playback will be smoother because some of the content is cached on local servers and your computer.
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Monday October 9: Pre-conference Chapter 4 Net Neutrality Net Neutrality is word the majority of individuals have never heard of.
Discover how companies go digital with OutSystems This can be attributed partly to the increased information systems which are available to keep track of international players. College athletic departments operate on very strict budgets which rarely allow funds for international travel.
The Future of Television: The Impact of OTT on Video Production Around the World Iphone Threats Swot words - 7 pages Apple Inc. Management project Apple Inc.

Often times, managed services is the most efficient way to enable content owners to focus on creating the best programming and growing the business while leaving the infrastructure and technical operations to someone else.

OTT best practices, use cases and lessons learned will be shared during this informative session. Learn from a panel of media executives on how to survive the shift from second ad spots and thrive with ad-blocking consumers. The session will discuss effective ways to measure engagement besides reach and viewing time and how to monetize content distributed across multiple platforms.Comcast performed its own informal tests during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but the company says that test was an early pass at the possibilities rather than a real-world case study.


But first, a quick highlight reel from February Warby Parker turned two years learned how to verbalize pronouns, wash our own hands, and draw a vertical line.

March We launched the Citizen’s Circus at SXSW in glorious days of music, active citizenship, local beer, and yurts.

[CASE] The National Basketball Association (NAB) is the leading professional basketball league in the United States and Canada with 30 teams. The NAB is one of . ESPN Case Essay.

1 - ESPN Case Essay introduction. ESPN brand to consumers is quality sports content media that is available to sports fans giving them what they want anytime, wherever they are; is a brand that is brash, tech savvy, creative, and innovative.

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Customize your learning experience at the Akamai Edge Conference with our many education and training tracks, breakout sessions, industry forums, LABs, Akamai University and boot camps.

breakout sessions, industry forums, LABs, Akamai University and boot camps. Case Study: Apps in Days to Every Akamai Employee. Oct 18,  · Akamai’s technology allows to supply its heavy demand with ease and near-to-perfect streaming for fans all over the world.

Because the site is globally available, companies like Lenovo and Haier have taken interest in partnering with

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