Acc1002 notes

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Acc1002 notes

Point your internet browser to www. Please be patient and wait for the update. To change tutorial slots, enrol in this module, or withdraw from this module, please contact the BBA Program Office.

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Please do NOT contact the teaching team as the teaching staff has no such authority. You may also email Mr Mah Yeng San bizmahys nus. For general academic queries on the module such as course scope, test, exam, handouts, course website, etcyou should first check the course website for information.

For specific queries on tutorial material and online assignments, email your tutor.

Acc1002 notes

If you need help on other content-related matters eg: This is because non-NUS email may sometimes be automatically routed to spam mail folder which is usually deleted automatically.

Using NUS email is also more secure. Besides IVLE announcements, there will be times when the lecturer and tutors need to communicate with the students via email regarding some urgent matters.

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Please also do not talk, web surf, or eat during lectures and tutorials. The Teaching Team wishes you a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience.May 10,  · ACC Financial Accounting Class Participation: 10% Group Project: 15% Group Presentation: 5% Mid Terms: 20% Finals: 50% FA is quite a pain the ass.

I studied for it the hardest as compared to the rest of the mods. Its very technical and includes a lot of calculations.

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There are quite a lot of numbers to. Link to Publisher's Student Companion Website. Other Class Materials are Included on MercerOnline (requires Student Login).

A blog describing a university student's experiences and module reviews. View Notes - ACC Mock Test_10 MCQs_1Q from ACCOUNTING at National University of Singapore. NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE NUS BUSINESS SCHOOL ACC FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING MOCK MID-TERM.

Prepare a package of forms and instructions to disseminate to each division head.

Acc1002 notes

The purpose of this package is to have each division’s senior staff do the necessary legwork to prepare for the week-long strategic planning meetings that you will hold at each site.

Subject: APC Exam Review Notes Sat Dec 13, am To download this document: Click here *This documents only contains notes from chapters and as our prof told us the exam will be based on only those chapters.

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