A comparison of the movies ice storm and sense and sensibility

It follows a pair of Boomer couples living with their children in the '70s, that infamous shadow of their own social awakening.

A comparison of the movies ice storm and sense and sensibility

A fantastic film with an even better soundtrack Warning: Spoilers As with Pride and Prejudice, I have owned a copy of this film for about eight years, and I almost find it impossible to think that anyone could criticise it.

A lot of people criticise the decision to cast Emma Thompson, then thirty-six, as nineteen year old Elinor, but I feel that the fact that she is clearly older than her character should be adds to Elinor's role as the logical, practical woman surrounded by a sister who wants to be a pirate, a fully-paid up romantic Kate Winslet as Marianne and a mother who doesn't appreciate the starkness of their newly-impoverished status quite as fully as she does.

I always feel that - in this version at least - Elinor is forced to act older than she is to compensate for all this idealism.

Another outstanding feature of the film is the quality of acting provided by the supporting cast. Imelda Staunton begins as an unbearably screechy woman and yet by the end of the film we see that she is more than capable of appreciating the gravity of a serious situation.

Hugh Laurie as her husband Mr. Palmer is priceless watch out for a scene where he is reading a copy of the newspaper The Porcupine.

Greg Wise as Willoughby is incredibly convincing as the embodiment of Marianne's romantic hero who turns out to have a less than spotless reputation.

Alan Rickman, who truly loves Marianne, is quite restrained enough and it soon becomes clear why he is so brooding. Personally I don't have a problem with the fact that it might not be totally faithful to eighteenth century life in terms of hygiene and cleanliness because - to me - that isn't what Jane Austen is about.

It is supposed to be genteel and this film is. She didn't write to depict realism, she wrote to satirise and observe the society she lived in, and this is something the film never fails to do. If the girls remained as rich as they had in the beginning, I don't think we would have cared for them quite as much as we do.

It is very much a handicap to their eligibility. On a final note, one really strong point is the costumes. They all seem to embody the period so well, and very accurately, too. Jennings being around sixty wears clothes from an earlier period, and Mrs.

Dashwood's clothes are not quite up to the minute, which adds another touch of realism to this outstanding film. Sign in to vote.At once elegant and sublimely silly, contemplative and gung-ho, balletic and bubble-gum, a rousing action film and an epic love story, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is one bursting-at-the-seams.

With an edgy movie like Ice Storm, the creative freedom they gave me was tremendous. I couldn’t have just done three Chinese films and then done Ice Storm. Also my work on Sense helped me to attract Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline.

Following the theatrical exhibition of The Ice Storm, the film was made available on home video by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on October 13, A re-issued VHS was released on September 5, THE ICE STORM is an unforgettable experience.

Set against a backdrop of Watergate-era malaise, universal themes of growing up, infidelity, and loneliness are filtered through the prism of a very specific time of s "I'm OK, You're OK" permissiveness.

Whoever says they just don't make the quality of pictures today that they used to hasn't seen or is ignoring this film.

A comparison of the movies ice storm and sense and sensibility

That Emma Thompson is one of the greatest actresses working is no secret. But who would have expected such a miracle from her in the screenwriting department?

Some of the most. Sense and Sensibility, ’95, The Ice Storm, ’97). Shekhar Kapur (directed Elizabeth, ’98, about the 16 th century, nominated for 7 Academy Awards including an Oscar for best picture).

Amy Heckerling (Clueless, ’95). Allison Anders (Grace of My Heart, ’96).

A comparison of the movies ice storm and sense and sensibility

Jocelyn Moorhouse (A Thousand Acres, ’97). Audrey Wells (Guinevere, ’99).

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