A cloud of misinterpretation over a night of catastrophe

These obsessive bipolar thoughts may be a repeating song from the radio, scenarios such as a suicide scene or a replaying of events often negative onesbut obsessive thoughts seem to be the rule rather than the exception. Note that research bears this out indicating that people with bipolar disorder have higher rates of obsessive-compulsive disorder than the average population.

A cloud of misinterpretation over a night of catastrophe

Though religion may be that which determines the goal, it has, nevertheless, learned from science, in the broadest sense, what means will contribute to the attainment of the goals it has set up. But science can only be created by those who are thoroughly imbued with the aspiration toward truth and understanding.

This source of feeling, however, springs from the sphere of religion. To this there also belongs the faith in the possibility that the regulations valid for the world of existence are rational, that is, comprehensible to reason. I cannot conceive of a genuine scientist without that profound faith.

The situation may be expressed by an image: People naturally divide into these two groups primarily because of upbringing and their personality type relative neocortical efficiencies.

Additionally, not only do members of each group seldom if ever study the writings of the other each groups, views are often built on faulty assumptions. Consider the connotative and denotative meanings of "apocalypse" for instance.

The most helpful revelations are those about yourself. The act of revealing or disclosing. Something revealed, especially a dramatic disclosure of something not previously known or realized.

Theology A manifestation of divine will or truth. The genre seems to have arisen in Palestine in the 3d cent. The writing is characterized by otherworldly journeys, visions, animal imagery derived from the common fund of ancient Middle Eastern mythological imagery, and number symbolism.

Rowland, The Open Heaven ; E. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An apocalypse, in the terminology of early Jewish and Christian literature, is a revelation of hidden things given by God to a chosen prophet; this term is more often used to describe the written account of such a revelation.

It seems to have originated among Greek-speaking Jews, and then passed from them to the Christians, who developed it still further.

Many truths of our existence are entangled in paradox. I for example, came to an understanding of what God is by abandoning the belief in God and seeking the truth of all things for myself. I consider myself quite fortunate to have been raised as a Roman Catholic. There are very few religions as irrational, divorced from truth and easy to reject as Catholicism.

In brief I was born an INTP, the scientific method comes naturally to me, like Einstein I do not confine my research to conventional views, in addition to science and computing I also study humanistic fields, I eventually came to understand what drives me and all people to do what we do, I extrapolated trends to discover what God is, I then cast my view into the very distant past to comprehend our origins.

This page contains numerous explanations and examples of where science, science fiction and biblical content overlap.

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Science fiction stories are often allegories of biblical writings. Much of the content on this page was originally posted on and for the readers of the Yahoo! The biggest book of the summer is about the end of the world. Every religion has stories of the end of the world, and believers in every era have prophesied that the time was at hand.

So far, these predictions have come to naught, but a rash of unusual events and the rise of fundamental faiths have led to a new golden era of doomsayers. Hear why they view events such as the rise of AIDS, global warming and volcanic eruptions as harbingers of a coming catastrophe.Al Gore’s year warning – only 2 years left, still no warming January 10th, by Roy W.

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Spencer, Ph. D.

A cloud of misinterpretation over a night of catastrophe

On the night of December 2nd, , a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, began leaking 27 tons of the deadly gas methyl plombier-nemours.com of the six safety systems designed to contain such a leak were operational, allowing the gas to spread throughout the city of Bhopal [1].

Double Standard or Misinterpretation? The summer of was an extremely difficult time for the Gulf Coast, specifically New Orleans, Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina is now considered one of the five deadliest hurricanes based on deaths and damage. Only hours after landfall, the storm left AWS is the leader when it comes to the cloud, and for good reason.

AWS is well ahead in the quality and breadth of services they offer. However, when a service is running at the scale of AWS, it is natural to expect some failures to occur. David Gewirtz shares a real-world example of how a cloud-based disaster recovery strategy can help sustain business continuity, even for small businesses and families.

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